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Before you start

We have been careful to select activities that are suitable for a range of different physical disabilities. But it is important to remember that you know your child and thei level of mobility better than anyone, so you can still scale an activity however you want in order to suit your kid's individual needs. 


Choosing the right activity

The emphasis shouldn't be on things your child can't do, but everything they can do. The process of selecting an activity should be done together with your child. You can try to make the discussion the first part of the game itself; by talking about all the fun things you will be doing together.

Setting goals

Once you have chosen an activity or two, it can be helpful to set out some goals for your child, especially of it is something you plan on doing regularly. It can be something as simply as "having fin together as a family", but you can also help your child identify longer term goals as well if appropriate.  


    • Indoor activities
    • Activities outside the home
    • Scale for needed equipment and intensity
    • Setting goals for the activity
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