How to access the Innowalk in the UK

When considering a piece of Made for Movement equipment, there is a general process to follow.

1. Assessment

First, you will need to request for your local Made for Movement product specialist to visit for an initial assessment. We can carry out assessments in home or school/clinic settings, as long as the setting is acccessible. Before an assessment, our team will ask for some relevant background information to establish what size device and accessories you or your child requires, and your product specialist will always recommend that you invite your/your child's physiotherapist to attend an assessment where possible.

The main objectives of an assessment are to:

  • Figure out if the Innowalk is suitable and can solve the challenges your child or you face
  • See how it works and how it can support you/your child's development
  • Answer any questions you have and find solutions to specific challenges

Please allow 1.5 hours from start to finish. 

2. Short term trial period

Where possible, your product specialist will aim to loan you one of their demo Innowalks to trial for a short term period, ideally a couple of weeks where possible. They will set the Innowalk up for you or your child, train you on it's safe usage, and be available to contact during the trial if you need any help or have any questions. 

The purpose of a short term trial period is to:

  • Establish whether Innowalk is something that fits into your daily life
  • Observe any clinical benefits that occur during the trial period
  • Take evidence (photos, videos, document outcomes), in order to strengthen your application for funding if required

3. Quotation

Following an Innowalk assessment, your product specialist can provide you with a full itemised quotation including all the parts required to meet your needs. Our quotations include full terms and conditions and are often required as part of a charity grant or medicolegal application. 

4. Establish your funding options

Made for Movement assistive devices may not eligible for provision through local authority funding in the UK and Ireland. However, there are still funding opportunities for assistive devices not available by the National Health Service (NHS).

The typical options for funding Innowalk are:

  • Medicolegal Cases - The Made for Movement team can liaise with expert witnesses, case managers, solicitors and financial deputies in order to provide the information they may need to fund the Innowalk for their clients.
  • Charity Grants - There are many charities who will provide grants to individuals and also groups/schools in order to help them access Innowalk. Please click here for further information on which charities to approach.  
  • Fundraising - Our team can help you with creative ideas for fundraising, and give examples of what has worked well in the past. 

For Medicolegal cases and Charity Grant applications, we offer support throughout the application process. We can assist families and professionals with the required supporting documents on the equipment, the benefits and clinical evidence.

Contact us for more information on how to apply for our products.


Iulia Mihailenco
Customer Coordinator

Tel:+44 330 113 6366