How to access the Innowalk and the Hibbot

When considering one of the Made for Movement assistive devices, there is a general process you should follow.


First, you will need to request for your local Made for Movement product specialist to visit for an assessment for you/your child. We can carry out assessments in home or school/clinic settings, and would always ask you to invite your/your child's physiotherapist to attend an assessment where possible.

The main objectives should be to:

  • Figure out how the device can solve the challenges your child or you face
  • See how the device works and how it can support you/your child's development
  • Discuss your concerns and solutions to specific challenges

Prior to an assessment, our specialists will ask for some relevant background information to establish what size device and accessories you or your child requires.

Establish your funding options

Made for Movement assistive devices may not eligible for provision through local authority funding in the UK and Ireland. However, there are still funding opportunities for assistive devices not available by the National Health Service (NHS).

These are the typical options for funding:

The most popular crowdfunding platforms are:

Charity grants
Here are a couple of online resources that can point you in the direction of charities who provide grants for equipment not available on the NHS:

We at Made for Movement also have information on charities who may be open to receiving grant applications for our products. We can provide these following a suitable assessment.

Case management
We can liaise with case managers, solicitors and financial deputies in order to provide the information they may need to fund our products for their clients.

For both charity grants and case management we offer support throughout the application process. We can assist families and professionals with the required supporting documents on the equipment, the benefits and clinical evidence.

Contact us for more information on how to apply for our products.


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Customer Coordinator

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